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National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR), Kissinger said▓ that both sides have to understand that differences are "inevitable▓" for the two great countries with different senses of history in this world lin▓ked by

modern economics and technologies.However, he said, it is also imperative for both sides to understand that there will▓ be a "catastrophic outcome" if the differen▓ces lead to permanent conflict.Kissinger also noted that the competition, espe▓cially in the field of technology▓, must be maintained in

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a healthy way, and in a period where "it is no longer possible to think that one side can dominate the other," China and the United

States have to get used to t▓he fact that competition is in ▓a way permanent.The challenge to both sides "is to see whether we can develop enough

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Effective Strategies
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of a common conviction about the future, so that we can spare the wor▓ld a conflict betwee

n two great societies," he said."I am confident and hopeful that we will overc▓ome the pres

ent tensions," Kissinger s▓aid. "I hope and really expect▓ that over t